Responsible Travel

Here at Discover South America, we care about responsible travel.  We are committed to making tourism to South America a positive experience both for travellers and for local people. We support the initiatives of responsible local operators and hotel owners and are committed to increasing the positive, and minimising the negative, impact of tourism on local cultures, economies and the environment.  By working closely with our local partners we provide good value flexible tours and authentic travel experiences to our clients.

Responsible Travel Policy - Read our policy to see how we make sure our operations in South America are responsible

Resonsible Traveller Guidelines - Tips to help you travel responsibly while on your trip

Rainforest Sponsorship

One of the most important roles which tourism has to play in South America is that of protecting the Amazon Rainforest.  Eco-tourism provides an alternative source of revenue for the government from preserving the rainforest, instead of exploiting the area for oil, timber or farmland.  We encourage visits to responsibly run eco-lodges in the Amazon and also sponsor a hectare of land through Arbio - a local organisation protecting the area of rainforest adjacent to the new Inter-Oceanic Highway which passes through Puerto Maldonado.

Arbio Certificate

Volunteer Project

In March 2013 we organised a volunteer project together with students from Brighton University to assist a school just outside of Cusco in their efforts to provide nutritional meals for the children who attend.  Volunteers cleared terraces for growing organic crops, built a house for guinea pigs, and renovated the playground.

More information about this project is available on the students' blog.